We’re Going Digital!

Oil by Herb Knapp

Oil by Herb Knapp

2016 was the year our television died—and not a moment too soon. We didn’t rush out to replace it, and before long, we realized there was no need because we didn’t miss it. Thus we were spared the demoralizing experience of watching frenzied talking heads spouting partisan talking points throughout the election cycle and beyond.

And now we are going to do what we would have found unthinkable a year ago: we are going to jettison the paper newspaper.

We are in the process of finding an online daily that will keep us informed of current events without too strong a partisan slant. We don’t expect to find an example of objective journalism like Mary used to teach (who, what, when, where, and why—and opinion confined to the editorial pages). That approach is dead. Yet we think we can do better than the papers that are available for delivery to our front door.

But there is something more. The internet is rich in resources that provide in-depth coverage of our special interests: art, books, theater, legislation affecting education, for instance. In comparison, a newspaper’s coverage of these subjects is limited and often uninteresting.

We aren’t the only ones letting go. Print newspaper circulation and advertising revenues are declining across the board. The New York Times has even vacated eight floors of its headquarters building in order to rent them out. The “Grey Lady” is taking in roomers!              mk, hk







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5 responses to “We’re Going Digital!

  1. Sarah Knapp

    Haven’t read a daily paper in twenty years. Got rid of most of cable for cost reasons this last year and only get local news channels. Don’t look at that. I’m with you. I get all my news, and I am kind of addicted, on line. Looks like the bloggers may have a seat in the new WH press room. “The times they are a changing.”


    • Indeed they are. Seems to us that eventually print news media will be a thing of the past. Old people will say, “Remember when they used to deliver that newspaper to your door?”


  2. Carol

    Bravo! Love the painting,too. Looks like Steven. Happy, healthy New Year.


  3. I use my television to stream Netflix and read the paper to find out who died. Actually, I don’t care for reading blogs (except for Hints and Echoes) on my computer. I’m detaching from all in-coming information. Much less aggravation.


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